How to Understand Woman

Sore ini saya iseng2 googling tentang banyak hal. Webwalking kesana-kemari, mampir dari satu web ke web yang lain. Dan, sampailah saya pada sebuag page yang isinya cukup menarik. Padat singkat, tapi 'ngena buat yang open minded :p

How to Understand Woman, Steps:

  1. Realize that her sensitivity has a purpose. Females are created with an intense instinct to nurture their young (and they practice this on everyone). This requires learning how to provide what is needed without the convenience of direct instruction. Instead they must rely on their senses to help them interpret abstract communication. (ie Is the cry caused from hunger, a wet diaper, or pain?) Men also have this instinct, but it is usually not as pronounced. So the next time she gets upset because she senses that you are being distant from her, try not to snap. Remember that she is probably sensing something real, and you may not even be aware of it. If you assure her and at least talk it out, you will earn MAJOR brownie points simply for caring.

    2. Give her the attention she deserves, especially when she requests it; ignoring her out of annoyance will often cause frantic behavior
    . A woman is like a flower...give her sunshine and water everyday, and she will blossom beautifully. She will most likely wilt in no time if you don't, even if she is very independent. She is soft and delicate, and that's why you like her...so be responsible by being kind and attentive.

    3. Remember that honesty is the best policy
    . If you really want a woman to trust you, tell the truth even when it's difficult. Men lie so often and nonchalantly that when an honest guy reveals himself, ladies will cherish him like a rare and precious stone. And if you can, open up about yourself. Women are extremely connected to their hearts and emotions, so the more she bonds with you, the deeper she will love you.

    4. Play with her and make her laugh
    . Women tend to automatically carry the world's problems on their shoulders. If you can lighten the load by helping her to laugh, it will cause her to relax and be happy. She will greatly appreciate it and unconsciously begin to regard you as a breath of fresh air, her balance, her peace, her missing puzzle piece, and so on...

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